Choose Braille Packaging to Help Visually Impaired Persons

Date: 11/07/2022

Braille packaging is particularly created with Braille characters etched on them to highlight the product details in a way that visually impaired persons can easily understand the content. Mazoon Printing, Publishing and Packaging LLC, a Braille Packaging Company in Oman, has introduced braille packaging considering the needs of our clients, who want to help visually impaired customers.

The braille characters engraved on the packages give the vision impaired people information about the goods. The main industry using Braille cartons is the pharmaceutical industry. To assist the visually impaired, other industries are also transitioning to braille packaging.

The pharmaceutical business is gradually converting to braille packaging so that those with visual impairments can easily comprehend product information.


High-quality Braille boxes are created by Packaging Printing Company Oman, for use in the pharmaceutical and other industries. Our experts uphold the standards of quality by synchronizing the braille characters on each carton to ensure total support for the visually impaired.


300 million individuals are visually impaired worldwide, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). The industries must offer their assistance for these consumers to fully understand pharmaceutical items and other products because they make up a sizeable portion of the general market's clients.


To help the blind better understand their medications, cosmetics, fast-moving consumer products, and consumer durables, Mazoon has invented braille packaging.

Why Choose Braille Packaging?

The inability to understand the product details will make visually impaired people socially excluded or alienated. Additionally, it is everyone's societal responsibility to present their goods in the best possible light for a variety of customers. Users may occasionally experience difficulties because of failing to read the instructions on medical packaging or other items. Mazoon's braille packaging will assist Omani businesses in presenting their goods while upholding their social duty. We also have a Braille Packaging Company in Muscat.


People who are blind are unable to read product inscriptions, comprehend product information, or choose their products. Braille packaging can facilitate communication between your product and your customers. Since governments are working so hard to promote inclusive living for persons with vision problems, braille packaging is an urgent necessity.


More than 150 million people use braille across the world. Medical packaging and other packaging with braille embossed in the best possible quality by Mazoon Printing, Publishing, and Packaging LLC is sure to help the customers. Our packaging enables customers to administer medications on their own. To assist the businesses in reducing the size of the packages, we only provide the necessary information.